Hello Superstar...

Imagine this: You walk into a room buzzing with the energy of dozens of super-smart, high-performing individuals from 15 countries (and counting). The whiteboards are crammed with ideas, and conversation is constantly flowing.

Welcome to UMAI's headquarters.

UMAI is a software provider that helps restaurants to save time and increase revenue by automating manual tasks, minimize last minute cancellations, upsell customers more effectively and provide more personalized service.

In Japanese, UMAI means “of good taste.”

We incorporate this philosophy into every aspect of our company. Our goal is to become THE go-to software solution for high-end restaurants in every metropolis on the planet. Using cutting-edge, intelligent software, we create a customized dining experience and provide the food & beverage industry with a powerful, easy-to-use tool to manage their businesses.

We're not interested in being competitive, or good. We want to be badass.

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  • Kai Pua Yeow

    Product Manager

    “ I used to be the only Malaysian in the team ”

  • Stephen Ngo

    Sales Operations Intern

    “ Master in Speaking English with the Indian accent. References available upon request. ”

  • Melissa Ferrante

    Business Development Analyst

    “ Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring, so I go back to being me. Usually after 7pm. ”